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Message from Sravya Vishnubhatla Regarding Her Representing Louisville in The Distinguished Young Women Competition!

I am very excited to share with you that I will be participating in the state competition for 
the Distinguished Young Women, formerly known as Junior Miss, in early January 2013.
I competed at the local level and currently hold the title of Junior Miss of Louisville.
This competition is the biggest and oldest scholarship program for high school girls.
It was founded in 1958 and four Kentucky state winners have gone on to hold America's
Junior Miss title . Among them, Ms. Diane Sawyer was the first to win the title of America's
Junior Miss in 1963.

This program evaluates participants in the following categories: Scholastics, Interview,
Talent, Fitness, and Self-Expression. I am proud to represent duPont Manual high school
and the community of Louisville in this competition. I am counting on the support of
community members as I enter the state program.
You can support me in several ways:
1. If you have a Facebook account, please like
both the Distinguished Young Women of Louisville
and the Distinguished Young Women of Kentucky
<http://www.facebook.com/DistinguishedYoungWomenofKentucky?fref=... pages.
On these pages, you can post encouraging comments during the week January 6th -- 12th
for me to see as I prepare for the competition in Lexington.

2. Another way to support me is through the Friends Association by pledging $25 or
more support which will go towards a scholarship fund for the program. The deadline
to pledge your monetary support is *December 7th*.
I am attaching the details of this tax-deductible pledge and about the scholarship
and hope you are able to support me personally or through your organization.
If there any questions, please email me.

I am very proud and excited to represent Louisville at the state competition and
sincerely look forward to your support.

Sravya Vishnubhatla <sravya@vishnubhatlas.net>

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